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Full albüm indir,Bedava Mp3 Yükle,Film,dizi,indir

Full albüm indir,Bedava Mp3 Yükle,Film,dizi,indir

    site map olusturma


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    Points Points : 112833
    Kayıt tarihi : 09/09/08

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    site map olusturma

    Mesaj tarafından Admin Bir Perş. 9 Nis. - 23:07

    AllWebMenus allows you to create site maps in HTML
    format, making your web sites search engine friendly!
    You can choose among ready-made templates for the
    look of your site map and of course you can edit
    the produced HTML file with your favorite authoring
    tool to give it your sown look and feel.
    The best news is that this feature is FREE and no purchase of AllWebMenus
    is required!

    AllWebMenus and start using this free feature
    The following site
    map of our Likno.com web site was generated from
    a subset of our site's menu with a touch of a button:

    • Home Page
    • AllWebMenus

      • Description & Features
      • Blog
      • Examples

        • Dots example
        • Menubar example
        • Glass Buttons example
        • GreenHeart example
        • Ladder example
        • NS-Like Toolbar example
        • ...more examples

      • Screenshots

        • ScreenShots

      • Testimonials
      • Download AllWebMenus
      • Purchase AllWebMenus
      • Affiliate/Reseller Program

    • Download Area

      • Download AllWebMenus
      • Download Menus & themes
      • Download Manual
      • Download Status Bar Javascript Magic

    • Purchase

      • Register AllWebMenus PRO
      • Register AllWebMenus LITE

    • Support

      • On-line Support Center
      • F.A.Q.
      • How Do I?
      • What's New!
      • E-mail Sales

    Create Sitemaps
    easily with AllWebMenus for FREE!

    AllWebMenus can generate any Site Map based on your
    menu structure. The produced Site Map is exported
    into a simple .html file. To create site maps for
    free, just follow the steps below:
    1. Download AllWebMenus
    (no need to purchase license for
    the free "Create Site Map" feature!)

    2. Install AllWebMenus, open it, and create your
    site structure:

    3. Select the "Tools
    -> Create Sitemaps -> Create Generic Sitemap"
    menu option:

    4. The "Create Site Map" window opens:

    You can select from a variety of options for the
    exact form of your Site Map. These include "Items
    and Links", "Items as Links", "Links only"
    or just
    the Items of the menu.
    You can also select from a list of styles for the
    Site Map or of course you can create your own. To
    create your own style just enter your related .css file inside the /styles folder of your AllWebMenus
    Once the Site Map is created in simple
    html format
    you can use your favourite authoring tools to modify
    it if you wish so.

    What makes a site map useful to a web site?

    1. It makes your web site "search-engine
    " as search engine crawlers
    use internal links to spider a site and do
    not crawl javascript links. Having a "Site
    Map" link at the index page ensures that
    the most important pages of your web site are
    definitely seen by those crawlers.
    2. It can be used for documentation purposes by printing the menu structure. The Site
    Map (i.e. the menu structure) is saved into an .html
    file so you can print this .html file through your
    favorite browser/authoring tool.

    This is a FREE feature!

    Purchase of
    AllWebMenus is not required to use this feature!
    offer this feature for free to all developers wishing
    to create site maps with little effort.
    Just download AllWebMenus and begin creating truly functional Site Maps for
    your web sites without any obligation to buy.

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